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Sand Trap Tips And Tecniques

By Lee MacRae

Getting out of a bunker or sand trap in one shot can do wonders for your confidence and your golf game. Follow along as we lay out some tips, tricks and hints to help you with your sand play and watch the improvement in your next round of golf.

Visual imagery is commom in bunker play. Some instructors tell students to imagine that the face of the club is the palm of their hands, which they "slap" under the ball in the hitting zone. We prefer to think of money. A dollar bill is slightly more than six inches long. That means that if the bill is laid under a golf ball, about two inches of the ball would protrude back from the bill. As the ideal "explosion shot" demands that you hit into the sand roughly two inches behind the ball, you should pretend that you're hitting the dollar ball out of the bunker. This is an especially useful image because in order to hit the ball right out of the bunker, you'll need to complete your follow-through, and that's another important element of just about every sand shot.

Here's another piece of visual imagery to help you cut your ball out of sand: imagine that a thick piece of cord is dangling vertically, just behind your ball.Nnow, open your stance to help you swing from the outside in, then use the leading edge of your club to slice the cord were it touches the sand. Soon you'll find yourself opening the blade properly, cutting through the ball the way the pros do.

The sand actually allows for a margin of error. Just make sure you accelerate your golf club through the sand and good results will follow. If your impact is close to your ball, it will go longer in the air but will retain a lot of spin. Impact a little farther behind your ball and you make it travel less in the air but it now has the tendency for more run on landing. Just remember to focus on the sand, not on the itself ball, and let your club [and the sand] do the work.

The average golfer usually fears the shot from a sand bunker and is defeated before they even attempt one. With practice, keeping in mind the proper technique and a few tips and hints, sand play will be a lot easier than you imagined. And your golf game will be better for it.

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Some Golf Ideas

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Are price and quality directly related in putters? In many cases, very much so. You can spend $400 on a putter, just as you can on a driver. And you'll probably be getting a heck of a putter. But you can also spend $15 and get a heck of a putter - if that's the one the feels right, builds confidence, and helps you get the ball into the hole. Don't think that you must spend lavishly on a putter.
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This is a very common problem for golfers � and it's an awkward adjustment. The solution is very simple, however. Instead of setting your driver behind the ball such that the center of the face is aligned with the ball, move backwards a couple of inches (towards your back) such that the toe of your driver is aligned with the ball. Now do the test again. Stretch out your arms and pick the club up to the ball's height. Is the ball aligned with the center of the driver face? If so, put the club back down and fire! If not, keep moving back until it is.
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Fat Shots
Hitting the ground before the ball, or "fat shots" is a very common problem that can lead to injury. This is caused by either coming into the ball too steeply, and/or decelerating the club head as you hit the ball. Proper weight shift is important and keeping your right shoulder back on the downswing (opposite for left handers) is crucial. There is a tendency to throw the right shoulder ahead as you come down creating an outside in steep club path. Focus on swinging more around your body to remedy this. A good drill is to strap your upper arms to your body and hit balls. This makes it impossible to throw the shoulder forward. Don't forget to accelerate through the ball. When you slow down at the bottom of your swing, you will hit it fat every time.
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Bermudagrass has a very different texture than rye, bluegrass or bent. It grows with a great deal of grain and the blades of grass are "prickly" and more dense. Players with steep swings sometimes get the blade of the club stuck in the ground. This is particularly true with blade irons with thin soles with very little camber. Thicker soles, more camber and bounce are features that make shots from bermudagrass slightly easier for steep swingers.
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